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Positively A Cappella is passionately committed to inspiring  audiences with some of the most exciting 4-part harmony in music. Positively A Cappella embodies the spirit of sound, and invites you to join us on our vibrant musical journey. Contact us for more information, and to find out where we will be performing next.

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Sweet Adelines International

Founded in 1945, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sweet Adelines started as a small group of women who loved to sing. Since then, it has evolved into an organization that spans the globe, connecting nearly 21,000 singers around the world in song.

Video courtesy of Sweet Adelines International

Video courtesy of Sweet Adelines International

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All Categories

"Life on a High Note" (Low-Res)

I Will Be Your High Note - Join a Sweet Adelines Chorus!

Find Community with Sweet Adelines International

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